Much like the popular hashtag #fitfam (which touts over 73 million Instagram posts and growing), our goal with FITFAM Fridays is to foster a sense of community and create a conversation that transcends any one location, provider or individual in the fitness industry.

All fitness professionals in the Chicagoland area, regardless of background, provider or interest level, are invited to partake in free education, a workout and networking.

The spirit of the event is inclusion; as providers in the industry, we shouldn’t view each other as competition, but rather as a group who share the same goal of helping Chicagoans improve their overall health and fitness.

Similarly to how bartenders and waitstaff partake in “Industry Night” to experience an establishment as a customer while networking with like-minded cohorts, FITFAM Fridays will exist so that fitness professionals can get together outside of their work environment, share ideas, experience exercise in a supportive group setting and grow and network with other industry thought leaders.